York Lacrosse vs Tabb

York Lacrosse High School Boys played their fist official game at Yorktown Sports Complex losing to the Tabb JV team by a score of 10 – 0. Although the score was decidedly one-sided our team needs to learn from this game and walk away with their heads held high. As the game progressed it became more evident that our team was starting to gel. What we all witnessed last night was our team pulling together and learning how to play as one. All of our players are highly competitive, they are well conditioned, and are progressing very well. For highly competitive players losing never comes easy and emotions can sometimes run high. Our team proved last night that they could stick together through adversity.

For those that may not know, Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse designates first year teams as JV, therefore; our York team has been designated as a JV team because we are new as well as the fact that they know that we have a large percentage of our players who are first year players. Essentially they are trying to align teams more towards skill level than age or grade while still making every attempt to provide for the safety of our players.  For the other teams in our league who have a JV team the majority of their rosters are 9th and 10th graders and the team exists as a feeder for their Varsity teams. In many instances highly skilled JV players are advanced to the varsity level, but seldom are players brought down from varsity to JV.

The team that York faced last night included a number of varsity players from Tabb, both on the offensive and the defensive ends of the field. Currently Tabb lists 25 players on their varsity roster and 27 players on their JV roster so they probably did not need the varsity players to fill out the roster for the game.

In our game last night the Tabb team was coached by Mike Hehir who is currently listed as the Tabb varsity coach. Although, playing varsity players on a JV team may not be against the league rules it is in my opinion a disservice to players on both teams. I think that Tabb’s decision to field varsity players on Friday is potentially a poor display of good sportmanship but most likely a sign of respect for our team. We will face their JV team again on March 30th  at 5:00 pm and Tabb’s Varsity plays Menchville at 7:00 pm. It is highly unlikely that they will field the same team against us on the 30th as they did on the 16th. Going forward it is my hope that HRLax will require only rostered players for the JV team to compete at a JV level.

I will recommend to Rich Blovad, HRlax High School Boys Commissioner that any player that is included on a varsity  roster will become ineligible to compete at the JV level without league approval and that any such approval would be disseminated to all coaches in the league. Additionally, any player rostered on a Varsity team who plays in a JV event would be ineligible to compete on a Varsity level.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the parents on the sidelines cheering for our players, special gratitude to the parents who volunteered for sideline duties including time keeping and stats, and a big shout-out to our girls varsity team who always finds a way to come out and cheer us on.

For any of the parents that have photos that they would like to share please post them to the York Lacrosse Facebook Page. Our kids love them, they will tag them and in many cases use them as their profile pictures.

Going forward I encourage all players and parents to learn everything you can about the game of lacrosse.

Thank you for your support,

Mark Moreno, VP York Lacrosse Club


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Working to build a boys JV and Varsity Lacrosse Team to play in The Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse
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  1. Smith says:

    You just need to stop bitching Moreno.

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