All Winners, No Losers!

The rain chased up and down the entire tidewater area today creating a traffic nightmare but did little to dampen the competitive spirit of the York Lacrosse Club High School boys team. York met Grassfield of Chesapeake after a 30 minute delay on a rain soaked field in an incredibly exciting game.

York played it’s best team ball ever on every inch of the field. They dominated on face-offs and ground balls and limited penalties to end the game against a very good Grassfield team with a score of 3 -3.  The York boys did an awesome job creating turnovers on defense, tons of saves by our goalie,  cleared the ball very effectively, and if not for outstanding job by Grassfield’s goalie York would have chalked this game up as a win, but as it stands there were all winners and no losers.

Hats off to the entire Grassfield organization for demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship and respect for the game. Head Coach David Herman was an absolute gentleman and made a point to compliment our team which is the ultimate in sportsmanship. We should all look forward to playing their organization again.

Huge thanks to all the parents who braved the traffic and the weather to support our players, and continued thanks to our faithful stat keepers.  Our team really appreciates your support and we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday, March 23 at Warhill Sports Complex at 5:30 as we meet Walsingham Academy in an off – schedule game.


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Working to build a boys JV and Varsity Lacrosse Team to play in The Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse
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