Walsingham Academy vs York (Scrimmage)

On an absolutely perfect night for High School Lacrosse, York played Walsingham Academy Boys Varsity in a first ever scrimmage. The Walsingham coaches and team were truly first class on and off the field and we are very grateful for their invitation to play such a talented team. We wish Coach Moran and his team great success in their season opener at home when they face Norfolk Academy and hope they have a great year. Coach Moran suggested that we should plan regular scheduled home and away games with them next season and we would certainly welcome that opportunity.

Both teams epitomized the values of “Respect the Game” and it is very rewarding to see our student/athletes as they continue to learn the power of team ball. The York team continues to improve every time they step out on to the field. Playing teams like Walsingham helps to improve the high school lacrosse experience for all the players. Most importantly, playing teams that “Respect the Game” build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Special thanks to Charlie Turner from Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse for being our only referee in a game that saw few penalties. Charlie has devoted tremendous time and energy to not only coaching youth teams but has been a huge asset in helping us to build our team at York.

We would also like to thank all of the parents that showed up to support the team, your support makes all of this possible. Huge thanks to York girl’s team that continue to show up and cheer for us. We would also like to give a huge shout-out to our faithful timekeepers and stat keepers. They provide a valuable  service to our team and their help is greatly appreciated.

We would also like to remind our players and parents that heat injuries and prevention are serious issues. Our team invested $116 in a Gatorade cooler and a set of bottles to keep our team hydrated during games. If any parents would like to donate powdered Gatorade mix you can get it from Sam’s at for less than $10. Each canister makes about (9) gallons which should cover us for a game. Not only is hydration an absolute necessity for the prevention of heat injuries, this is a far more economical solution for both players and parents, it is good for the environment, and keeps the trash off the field and out of the players equipment bags.

Here is a link to Heat Injury Prevention that I would encourage parents and players to read. We are all responsible for making sure that all of our players have a great lacrosse experience on the field while making injury prevention and safety a priority.

Have a Great Lacrosse Day!

Mark Moreno, VP York Lacrosse Club, Gatorade Mixer, & Coaches Helper


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Working to build a boys JV and Varsity Lacrosse Team to play in The Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse
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