York Falcons vs Grafton Clippers (4-3) 3OT

York Lacrosse Club Falcons

The York Falcons sporting new white jerseys met the Grafton Clippers in one of the most exciting games of the year. Both teams are currently playing JV schedules and this game was listed by the Hampton Roads Chapter of US Lacrosse as an unofficial game. As for the players on the field don’t bother telling them it was unofficial. Both teams played the game like it was the state championship.

Ultimately the game ended in the third overtime period when York scored the final goal with York winning 4-3. Winning a triple overtime game is a great feeling for the winners and tough on the other team but it builds character, resolve, and help boys become men. Despite the loss, Grafton fielded a very good team and we wish them well on the remainder of their season. Big thanks to the Grafton Clippers for hosting the game. The teams will meet again for an official game at Christopher Newport University on May 4th at 4:30 pm.

The CNU Captains logo introduced for the 2007 ...

We also want to thank the parents, stat keepers, and the York girls team who came out to cheer the boys on after their win against Menchville by a score of 14-3.

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