But it’s just a another game…

Tonight our first year York Falcons met the Hickory Hawks of Chesapeake. Both teams are listed as JV teams by the US Chapter of US Lacrosse and Hickory also fields a very good varsity team whose only two losses of the year have been against Grafton and Grassfield both of which have winning records.  The Hickory JV team came into this game with only two losses on the season one of which was to Cox JV Boys who remain undefeated and the other to the Grassfield JV Boys who played our York team to a 3-3 tie. Some of you might remember that York also lost to Cox by one goal in a game that went down to the wire.

The point of that introduction is to set the stage and let everyone know that York only has to field one team while the majority of our opponents actually field both JV and Varsity teams from the same high school. Our York team may lack lacrosse experience, however; we benefit from having more senior student/athletes on the field many of which are stand-outs in other sports.

In tonight’s game York won 3-2 in the second overtime. Hickory has a very good bunch of players, they have dedicated coaches,  and they are great ambassadors for their high school and Chesapeake. Both teams played an extremely competitive game with limited penalties and great sportsmanship in front of one of the largest group of parents, supporters, brothers, sisters, and coaches ever. It was the “Friday Night Lights” of lacrosse folks!

But it’s just a another game…

If you follow this blog you will know that I am not going to give the ESPN play by play analysis on the game but if ESPN had been there this game would have been the lead story on Sportscenter and no, this was not just another game.

This was the game that saw the York Falcons make it to a winning record for the season, this was a tipping point for any new team, that sense of accomplishment that comes from succeeding. This was the game that our players learned that they could count on each other, this was the game that proved that teamwork really does work, and this was the game when the every player on the team realized that discipline, hard-work, and sportsmanship really does matter. But the most critical component of this game was that our team now knows that they can “Make Winning a Habit” they have learned that they can win with honor, lose with dignity, and above else they have learned to Honor the Game!

Thanks to all the parents, our faithful stat keepers and time keepers, and all of our supporters. Please be sure to thank our coaches Anthony Brooks and Mike Moreno for their dedication and hard-work.

Finally, I want to give a big shout-out to Steve Butler, Coach for the U/15 Yorktown Titans. I had the absolute pleasure of spending part of the game in spectator row with Coach Butler and believe it or not, Coach Butler and I talked lacrosse. I am looking forward to working with Coach Butler and all the Titans as we move forward. They are a critical component of several area high school lacrosse programs, they have great coaches, players, administration, parents and supporters.

Does anybody know where lacrosse players go when they graduate from the Titans? Hint:High School

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3 Responses to But it’s just a another game…

  1. Maneater Lax says:

    Well done, York! It’s no surprise that the Titans are producing the strongest HS teams in HR Lax!

    As an update, Cox JV now has a loss – they were beaten at home by Tabb JV 13-3. The York County teams continue to dominate.

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